Shankar’s ‘I’ : A Monstrous Super Impressive Hit Over The Internet


Shankar’s ‘I’ : A Monstrous Super Impressive Hit Over The Internet

An upcoming Indian Tamil romantic drama, I is the thriller movie. The movie is produced and distributed by V. Ravichandran under the banner of Aascar Films. The film is written and directed by Shankar. The movie will be featuring Vikram and Amy Jackson as the lead a star cast. The other cast include Upen Patel, Santhanam and Rajkumar Ganeshan in portraying roles. The background score and soundtrack albums are composed by A.R Rahman and the  production design for the movie was handled by  T.Muthura.

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In the movie, Vikram will be playing the character called ‘Lingesan’, the one who considersArnold Schwarzeneggar as his role model and his only aim in life is to achieve the title of  Mr. Tamilnadu. Shankar had shown a great by crafting Vikram’s hairstyle by taking the front curl look of the younger Arnold Schwarzenegger as a perfect reference. According to director Shankar, among all get-ups in the film, the characterof great hunchbacked man was the most difficult one to sketch. Vikram was also confirmed to sport his hunchbacked get-up in most parts of the film. The creative bubbles observed on the face of character were reported to be designed by Weta.

Amy Jackson will be playing a role of model in the movie. On redefining and casting her looks creatively Shankar was quoted saying that he wanted someone who could authentically look like a model and then he fixed Amy Jackson for the role. Vikram even went bald for the film to change his looks in the film easier.  Santhanamhad has lost a lot of weight for his role n the movie.

Ravichandran earlier had revealed in an interview that the film would be a releasing on October 23, 2014 but the date the release date was pushed to January 9, 2015 due to dubbing and extensive post-production work. It has been stated that the movie would get released in 3000 screens worldwide. The film is planned to be released in Chinese, hind, English along with Tamil. According to the reports the rights for the dubbed Telugu version were purchased for 300 million by Mega Super Good Films.

I’s trailer has gone viral on you tube. According to the reports, the trailer has crossed more than 9 million views on You Tube. The awesome trailer has bagged incredible response from audience from all over the world; the trailer has even beaten the view records of other trailers of prestigious projects.

The movie’s trailer demonstrates Vikram in three different make over roles – once he is a bodybuilder, then a hunchman and finally a werewolf. According to the reports Upen Patel will be crafting his debut in Kollywood. The man is also seen in the I trailer. You can say that the trailer is a perfect blend of all commercial elements like fights, breathtaking, romance and sizzling. The move has got good music, high quality special effects and beautiful scene.

Vikram has successfully made millions of his viewers skip a beat with his looks and perfect acting  in the popular video. Shankar is being considered as one of the most successful directors in the country; Shankar has done the best efforts to mould the project to be a blockbuster hit. Initially, Shankar is teamed up with Vikram for movie ’Anniyan’ and achieved a great success. “I” is also being expected to be a super hit movie and would remain as a milestone in the careers of the team.

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