Shaolin Monk Runs On Water


Shaolin Monastery and its Secrets : Shaolin Monk Runs On Water

Shaolin monk runs on water

The shroud around the secrets of Shaolin continues to be demonstrated. The latest news is that a Shaolin monk has set a new record for walking on water at 125 feet. The video shows it in progress, but it seems as though there is some support on the water to keep him afloat. That, of course, brought a religious backlash from Christians as a challenge to the story of Jesus Christ walking on water. Don’t you just love controversies?

Shaolin has been around for over 1500 years. If one had describe it accurately, I think they would call it the marriage of kung fu and Zen Buddhism. It’s origins trace back to ancient China and the forests of Shaoshi, the central mountain of the seven peak Song Mountain range in Henan Province.

The Shaolin Monastery also called the Shaolin Temple, is actually an educational institution where monks teach their students all about spiritual expression and the melding of mind and body that allow those educated in the Shaolin ways the ability to do some incredible things.

Their mastery of kung fu, the Shaolin way, is the stuff of legend sensationalized by inaccurate representations in theater and movies.

The good news is that there are Shaolin Temples in the United States and Great Britain staffed by monks at the peak of their proficiency. The education received is excellent, and you don’t have to go to China to get it.

There was a push to get Shaolin kung fu added as a sport to the 2016 Olympic games. The effort failed, however, but it will be included as a demonstration event. I’ve heard it’s a show not to miss.[mashvideo]

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