Shay Mitchell Has A New Man In Her Life, You Could Have Guess It


Shay Mitchell has a new man in her life

The Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchell is dating Matte Babel, who is a reporter in ET Canada for a few months now and the information was leaked within the office. It is believed that they met during some interview and fall in love which makes them serious for each other and they are having the best time of their lives.


Both of them also got introduced through mutual friends in Los Angeles and shared the same roots from Canada which makes them similar in quite different ways and to discuss more various topics. They both belong from Toronto and are good friends with Drake and Ryan Silverstein, who was Shay’s ex-boyfriend.


As they belong to the same friend circle, Matte brought Shay to Drake’s 30th birthday party and spent the holidays together and the place was not disclosed. Shay and Matte are quite active with their social media accounts and they keep on updating the latest pictures which they clicked together in and around the world.

The latest holidays they spent together was on Tulum, Mexico on New Year and shared all the pictures on Instagram with all the filters available in the lot. Shay also posed for a few silly Snapchat filters with her beau.

Shay Mitchell has a new man in her life

Shay Mitchell has a new man in her life

Shay Mitchell was also in the news when she claimed she won’t label her sexuality and when asked about the relationship status, she stated that Right now I’m dating a guy and I don’t know what it’s going to be in three years. You love what you love. Black, white, polka dots, that’s what my dad always said. She chooses not to label it as she doesn’t know where the time will take the things and what will be the circumstances and love can happen to anybody with anybody.

The actress also joins a number of high-profile individuals who have rejected categorizing their sexuality such as Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent. There are a number of labels with which you can tag along like straight, bi or gay and are in circulation from quite a long time now.

Last year, Former union J band member George Shelley publicly addressed his sexuality and he also quoted that labels are old-fashioned and he wanted to tag him with his own choice and which is not in the list of these labels. It is quite a creative way by which you can label yourself and the community is growing with the time.


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