Ships Sinking So Low, Remind You Of Titanic


Ships Sinking So Low, Remind You Of Titanic

Ships Sinking So Low, Remind You Of Titanic

Have you watched Titanic? That is an almost example of a ship in a storm, then again, not so much. Taking a cruise holiday can be quite an idea and at the same time fun, but what if a storm suddenly hits your boat? Not your idea of a perfect holiday.

There are frustrating and shocking footage over the internet (YouTube specifically) that shows compilations of various ships and boats being succumbed into deep by deadly storm. For instance, if you look at any film that demonstrate ships in storm, you will see that water is flowing everywhere from top to bottom as the people are being strewn all over.

During this ordeal the ship can overturn itself to about 45 degree off center, not only that but it can also be tossed around leaving a lot of casualties in its wake.

When a ship storm is approaching it is good to warn the crew and passengers so that they can maintain their cool, although it is very advisable to always get to shore immediately maybe at the nearest Island.

You should know that ships in storm vary in size and shape at the same time storms vary in severity, the more severe one and likely to cause more damage. Therefore, it is good to prepare your ship on what it is to come.

· As the sailor, you should determine the wind direction, speed and position of the storm from your location.

· Close any opening that include ports and windows to keep water on the outside.

· Store big and small objects in a secure position both below and above deck.

· During sailing, one should always monitor and stay tuned on any severe weather report.

· Make sure the passengers have worn a foul weather protective gear beforehand.

· Make sure there is an emergency first-aid kit and food supplies.

· Keep your navigation light on, so as to avoid floating debris and other boats. [mashvideo]

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