Shocked with Big Butts in Yoga Pants Prank


Shocked with Big Butts in Yoga Pants Prank

Tired of obvious funny jokes on media? If yes, fousey TUBE brings to you the ultimate laughter on the block. Yoga pants prank will break your bones with its unforgiving setting of its kind. Here is why;

There are two people dressed in yoga pants and they are bending showing their behind in an exposing manner. First person is a guy wearing the pants and a sweat shirt which is covering his head so impossible to recognize his face. His partner is a beautiful girl who in this case is the one inviting the passers-by to take a look at their behind without seeing the faces. The girl is very honest asking people whose “ass” is bigger between the two of them. The funny bit about this whole prank is that, all men point out Yussuf’s “ass” is bigger of the two. To their shock, they find out the big butt, belongs to a dude. What a tragic!! They run away shocked.


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