Shocking Low Flyby Of Jets, Thrilling Or Scary?


Shocking Low Flyby Of Jets, Thrilling Or Scary ?!?

Shocking Low Flyby Of Jets, Thrilling Or Scary !

Shocking Low Flyby Of Jets, Thrilling Or Scary !

What could be the worst night mare of beach goer , is sunscreen bottle being dragged away by wave ? or roaring a F-16 fighter jet flying 10 feet over the head ? If you think the later one matches you .

Gotcha !!!

Because it really happens and social medias are flooded with tons of these videos . So, next time you go to beach take a flare gun and warn those daredevil fighter pilots not to step on your territory .

Well, it’s obviously a matter of guts for an aircraft pilot to fly at such low altitude like 10 or 12 feet from the ground .Again if it’s a fighter jet then the pilot needs to think twice before going for that shocking stunt . Because , you are playing with gravity and gravity is not always your best friend.

Though it’s thrilling and enjoyable to see the jets extreme low fly and the blood rocking sonic boom there always remains the fact of sophistication with a jet plane . Usually , the jets are pressurized to maintain a survival atmosphere at high altitude .

The higher the plane goes the least problem it faces , whether you say about the fuel emission or safety.  Again , the lower it gets the more fuel is used and the more risk it faces . But a stunt loving pilot doesn’t care it at all .

Not only for the stunt it also speak about the skill he has got if he can fly by touching the roof of the cars on highway and showing some acrobatics flying under the fly-overs . Because , in case of war the situation becomes hostile . At that time a low altitude flyby can ensure a perfect hit to the enemy . Even it might becomes a gut wrenching moment for an Anti Aircraft Gun operator if he sees a Harrier jet that low .

However , it’s peach time . So, pilot better not toy with common people . It might be a matter of pride for him but he is risking the lives of many by this stunt . Nobody likes a sonic fighter aircraft crashing the party . Specially that’s a big no no for the military jets . They took the oath to protect the national assets not to destroy it. But , as long as we are safe , Go on daredevils .

Hallelujah !!! [mashvideo]

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