Shocking Video This Man Fighting A Leopard With A Stick


Shocking Video This Man Fighting A Leopard With A Stick

What is shown in this video is really amazing . Amazing because watching a man fight a leopard with nothing more but a stick and still coming out with his life intact is truly remarkable. The poor man trying to fend himself off by using his stick not only shows his courage but also prove that when it comes to surviving human knows no limit. What is even more surprising is that he actually manages to make the leopard run away.

But this video also begs the question that how did the leopard managed to get into the human settlement. The authorities need find the reason behind it and try to plug the loopholes in the security system.

There have been far too many cases of tigers and leopard encroaching in the cities and villages in the past couple of years and this will only increase the conflicts between the two species.This is not good for either of them.Something must be done about it.


Not everyone has the courage to fight a leopard with a stick.

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