Watch This Skull Faced Skydiving Deathly Beauty Roberta Mancino, Go Skydiving With GoPro In Day Of Dead


Watch This Skull Faced Skydiving Deathly Beauty Roberta Mancino, Go Skydiving With GoPro In Day Of Dead


While some people on Halloween dress as superheroes, some actually become ones.

Meet Roberta Mancino as she put on the Halloween costume of Skull-faced beauty, she decided to dress up with her friends and do an amazing skydiving video for GoPro.

The name of skull-faced beauty it’s not just a catchy name, her parachute has malfunctioned five times though she was able to use the reserve, all of this across her career of doing professional skydiving.

Her Story


Roberta has been skydiving since October 2001 and has over 7000 jumps. Her story starts back in the day when she convinced her best friend, also a skydiver, to take her on a jump, of course, her friend advises her that is too dangerous, so she started doing more professionally.

Skydiving is her biggest passion ever since her early 20s, she did jumps in groups, she says that jumping and flying it’s so fun but for her, its kinda off boring and she prefers group activity.

Oh, and the most interesting part, especially for you guys, she made four jumps while completely naked for magazine photo shoots.

Extreme Beauty


Roberta Mancino was considered by “Men’s Fitness” magazine as being the World’s Sexiest Female Athlete. In 2008, Mancino appeared on the Italian television program Le Iene with Marco Berry, jumping topless and demonstrating her free-flying and her beauty.


As well as being sponsored by GoPro, she toured around the world doing famous jumps such as “Panama City Skyline“.

Did skydiving over an active volcano and the most viral clip “GoPro: Roberta Mancino’s High Fashion“, in which she combines her passion for fashion and her love of flying in an extraordinary manner.


You know how they say, if you’re going to jump off a cliff, might as well look spectacular doing it.

Biggest Dream

As a wild soul, one of her biggest dreams is to base jump off the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa and circle it around as she flies down, she also aspires to jump from a plane, as she goes down to reenter it while diving.

In case wondering what is the difference between the two, skydiving is jumping from an airplane while base jumping is jumping off buildings, bridges or something that is stable. Skydiving, as the name implies, jumping from the sky.

Words Of Wisdom

Skydiving is everything for Roberta,

“Skydivers are drawn to other skydivers, we become a tribe, we share beautiful moments, sad ones as well”, says Roberta. Although some of her close friends were gone while doing it, they will always keep the in their hearts.

“This year wasn’t friendly, we’ve lost many friends. We should honor and celebrate them, even if we’re sad about the loss, we remember them and their love for flying” – Robert Mancino


Source: GoPro

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