Slauerhoffbrug 3 – The Dutch Flying Bridge, Not The Flying Dutch Man


Slauerhoffbrug 3 – The Dutch Flying Bridge, Not The Flying Dutch Man

We all are fond of big machines which amaze us with the mechanism they work and it gives us the feeling of watching a real transformers movie. Leeuwarden is the city in Netherlands which has the real transformer fully automatic bascule bridge which is also referred as “Tail Bridge” The Dutch Flying Bridge.

The bridge was constructed over Harlingen Vaart River by Van Driel Mechatronica in 2000 to allow water traffic to pass through the river without any congestion over the road. The deck of the bridge is 15m by 15m which is (50 x 50 ft.) and also painted in yellow and blue to represent Leeuwarden’s flag and seal.

The bridge holds an important passage for both the river and the road as the bridge is raised and lowered about 10 times a day. Ships are the common transportation used in Netherlands and used to import and export goods across the country.

Vaart River holds an important passage which is being used by daily commuters and it briefly stalls the road and bike traffic in order to pass through the ships without any inconvenience. It takes up about 2 to 3 minutes for the bridge to raise the required height and allows the passage for the ship.

The whole bridge is made up from pure iron and steel and to protect it the local authorities take care of it on regular basis. It is a giant bridge that moves of its own and it is mesmerizing for those who watched it for the first time.

Whenever there is the ship waiting to pass by, it blocks off the traffic and then reopens the road again which gives you an option to conserve the fuel by turning off the engines. The Slauerhoffbrug is one of many tall bridges in the country which are designed to raise and lower a piece of the roadway over small waterways.

These bridges can be seen all over Netherlands but to have it on all the small waterways in the country is practically not possible and are specially engineered to rise up and down quickly when needed. They have sensors to its surroundings in order to gather the information about the incoming vehicle and should know when to operate.

These are the masterpiece which is designed to serve the needs and the ideas take the innovation to the next level. We are taking the right steps in order to revolutionize the world of technology.


Source: Dutch Train Channel

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