Sneak Peek Into Christmas Of 1920s, Vintage Christmas Of Yesteryears

Sneak Peek Into Christmas Of 1920s, Vintage Christmas Of Yesteryears

Sneak Peek Into Christmas Of 1920s, Vintage Christmas Of Yesteryears

Christmas is one memorable time of the year we anxiously look forward to from the 26th of December. It is one time of the year where we are bailed from our suits and ties; from work.

For that brief of time we take off our eyes from filling our bank accounts to filling our hearts with wads of joy !!

Few smiles are truer than those shed beside the twinkling Xmas trees and the twinkling December eyes of loved ones. It gets better with the royal white carpet of snow spreading across our streets.

Christmas dates far back into the sinews of history, far back into time. The birth of Christ will never die, over a thousand years we are still eating his birthday cake, and singing many happy returns. The tightest of palms still open up on Christmas doling out a gift or two in the free spirit of chivalry.

Have you watched any vintage Christmas video? 

Nice throwback footage where you see nice folks back in the old, gliding on the rails of the snow. Old folks in their little roller skates Ferrari driving themselves away to their relish with no speed limits.

The culture of gift giving is as ancestral as Christmas itself. But really have you ever thought about what Christmas looked like back in the days as far back as in the 1920s: vintage Christmas?

Well except the new curvature that technology has accentuated our society with, there was no mighty disparity in the Christmas culture we have now and then, and the merry spirit of the Christmas was very much the same. December 25th was still that bunker in the calendar where they could safely hide for 24 hours from the bombardment of work and survival.

Vintage Christmas back in the 1920s had those traditional tree decorations well adorned with stringed popcorn, decoration for Christmas were still built around vintage Christmas clipart mostly made from homemade paper chains.

Women in the 1920s had a unique sense of exterior aesthetics as they fully decorated their outdoor surrounding even with candles!

Vintage Christmas most times revolved around tinsel icicles and snowflake cutouts. And don’t forget about the lights.

Yes in New York City back in the 1920s, not everyone had electricity, so not all could adorn their trees with lights. The lights then were designed by “Edison Decorative Miniature Lamp Division” a creation of General Electric.

How about the meals?

Sneak Peek Into Christmas Of 1920s, Vintage Christmas Of Yesteryears

Well a basic Christmas dinner back in the 1920s would be a tasty roast chicken which was generally preferred to ham or turkey.

The meal gets more delicious to the eyes when served on that lovely antique Christmas china !!

It gives you that royal feel like you are among the honorable magi who had with the astronomical compass of a star traced baby Jesus down. Oh vintage Christmas, those delicious pies, those lovely cakes of the 1920s well eaten in your pair of black fur coats and a honorable gentleman hat, prevalent 1920s fashion.

Of course back in those days, people baked a whole lot way more than enough during the Xmas holidays. Every community was a fraternity on its own, the bonds woven stronger by the gifts of desserts shared across neighbors.

The elevated spirit of comradeship sported around in the passing around of those admirably fruitcakes. Of course could Christmas in the 1920s pass by without you getting gloves, stocks, mitten and scarves?

Oh Vintage Christmas! The echoes of the celestial voices of the church carols reverberating against the romantic snow all encasing you in firmaments of melodies !!

Source: vintage everyday

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