It’s Just about ‘Men will be men’!!


It’s Just about ‘Men will be men’!!

This social experiment is conducted to see how men behave differently in case of hot girls and and a needy man. A man is made to get below the car parked beside the street and ask to stay there for long 2-3 hours. But none of other man neither given him any attention nor approached to him for any help. Everyone ignored that needy man below the car considering as a mechanic.

Then, that same man is done being done with a makeup to look him like a girl. He also wears a tiered floret dress with skin colored leg-ins to resemble a beautiful girl. Then, he is made to get under the same car, in such a way that only face is covered but rest of the body is visible to every passenger.

The result was absolutely paradox. Each and every passengers form bike, car, truck are asking to do a favor. People started gathering around the car and started chitchatting. Group of young boys started to make even MMS for sarcasm.
It was completely contradictionary behavior. When the guy dressed up like man was under the car. Everyone ignored him. But when people saw a beautiful girl lying under the car, all started asking for help. It may be because, it is very rare to see a girl repairing a car. But most of people stopped nearby because it was a beautiful girl.


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