SpaceX Rocket Explodes in Florida affecting Facebook


SpaceX Rocket Explodes in Florida affecting Facebook

SpaceX Rocket Explodes in Florida affecting Facebook

According to the latest news, a spaceX rocket explodes along with the satellite. The satellite that was destroyed in the incident was being used by facebook to provide the internet services in Africa. The explosion was so heavy that buildings at the distance of four miles shook with it. But fortunately, there was no injury.

The actual reason behind the news that spaceX rocket explodes is still unknown, says elon musk spaceX. Elon Musk is chief at SpaceX who said that the explosion took place during the fueling process of the rocket.

This facebook satellite was going to be very beneficial for Africa where there was no internet. Facebook’s team is disappointed with the incident but they are still determined and are ready to continue their mission of spreading the services throughout the world. Mark Zuckerberg was in Kenya the same day, busy in a meeting with high officials about the provision of the internet.

According to another member of SpaceX, this explosion will have a huge impact on the company. He further informed that this company was about to provide services to internet and television and one of the main clients was mark zuckerberg facebook.

The office of NASA is adjacent to the place of the explosion. After hearing the blast people working in NASA office rushed out meanwhile an announcement was made telling everyone that there is no danger and threat to the public.

At the time of this launch pad blast, few NASA astronauts were busy in a spacewalk and were not informed by the team because their only focus was the spacewalk, not the explosion. NASA said they were confident about their partner even after spaceX rocket explodes. There are other projects also going on between both the firms and will continue to work together. But no doubt, there are some challenges and threats that can cause some delay.

After this news from Florida, United States, all the commercial satellite companies are now taking special precautions. As this is a very risky business but all the companies are very confident and are of the view that instead of such difficult challenges, they will keep on working hard. [mashvideo]

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