Special Ayurvedic Powders Massage Treatment


As usual when someone is considered unwell or sick, we don’t look at the route cause of the disease. We seek help from doctors who are always ready with their prescriptions for treatment and medicine. If you’ve ever walk into an hospital sick and instead of your doctor giving you medicine, he tells you to balance your mind, body and spirit, you will absolutely consider the doctor insane or confused. There are people who you might consider insane since they believe that health depends on the balance between mind, body and most importantly spirit. It is called ayurvedic treatment.


These was an alternative way of treatment practice by Hindus in the early days that involved use of traditional herbal medicines, application of oil and massages, opium and many more.


Ayurveda is divided into three. these include.

1. Management of disease which involves cleansing, palliation, rejuvenatiion and mental hygiene. For one to live healthy one should try to calm down, avoid lots of stress, smile often, try to be happy at all times and meditate often. It is believed that by doing this you are able to balance your spirit, body and mind hence gain health and wellness.

2. Treatments where special treatment includes tablets, powders, medicated oils and more. Unlike modern hospitals, ayurvedic treatment involve use of traditional medicine believed to be pure and from nature.

3. Last but not least your life style where your life style, exercise and diet determine your future health. If we take a look at diet for example, we find that fats, calories and lots of sugar is unhealthy and may cause diseases like diabetes, high blood pIf ressure and many more. Ayurvedic treatment advice that to live healthy, one should involve more of vegetables, fruits, taking lots of water.


Source : youtube.com/indiavideodotorg


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