What are the Sponsored Stories?

In Stories We Trust. Reach and engage your readers like never before.

A Sponsored Story is a form of native advertising where commissioned content is written on behalf of a 3rd party by a writer that works for a publication. The sponsored story will often go live in the in-feed section of online publications, drawing real audiences to the story.

Unlike an advertorial, which is often written by a brand and placedon 3rd party publication, a sponsored story is actually written by a writer that works at a publication.

Sponsored stories are 30X more effective than press releases because they are published in-feed and are more engaging to the reader.

Everybody loves to hear a story, and if a publication write a story for any valued client, they will handle it just perfect as they already knows their audience.

Why Sponsored Stories?

  1. Written by the publication’s writing team.
  2. Published in-feed on the publication.
  3. Appear in search engine results.
  4. Provides an instant audience to your story.
  5. Accesses publication’s demographic.
  6. Delivers an in-depth and accurate story.

The Power of Sponsored Stories

Be there for your customers when they need you – where they need you.

  1. You launch an engaging story.
  2. Your customers read your story.
  3. Your customers value and remember your story.
  4. They see more stories you launch and visit again.

They see more stories you launch and visit again.

When your customer needs your product, they come to you.