Spotted! Jannat Actress Sonal Chauhan in Cozy Moment With Suhel Seth


Spotted! Jannat Actress Sonal Chauhan in Cozy Moment With Suhel Seth

Surprising new photos of the beautiful actress from Jannat, Sonal Chauhan, and Indian mogul Suhel Seth have been circulating. The pair were seen getting cozy in, what appears to be, a London nightclub. The photos were posted by Suhel Seth, himself, on various social networking websites.


The photos show the pair holding and kissing each other, while playfully posing for the camera. The photos seem as if romance may be blossoming between the oddly paired up duo. Sonal looks gorgeous as she winks and pouts for the camera and Suhel looks like a very happy man indeed. Seth’s advancing age does not seem to bother Chauhan, and why should it? Suhel is one of India’s most beloved media gurus.

Suhel Seth is the brains behind Conselage, India’s first strategic marketing consulting agency, he has also made several appearances in Bollywood films. Sonal Chauhan made her acting debut in the film Janaat and has a recently released Telugu film called Pandaga Chesko. Regardless of their different professional backgrounds, the pair look happy in each other’s company.

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