Square Watermelons -Japan!


Square Watermelons -Japan!

The video demonstrates how Japanese farmers in Kagawa, prefecture on the island of Shikoku growing watermelons that have a unique square shape.The video briefly informs about every aspect of it.

The most important thing about square melons is their geometric accuracy as the concerns about the inner contents is too mainstream! This is when watermelons get interesting, odd, and expensive.In order to turn the watermelon into the iconic shape, its put into special kinds of metal structures of cubic shape, while they are still developing. All that is needed is patience, while the cubic metal is filled when the melon grows into it.Consistent supervision is required during this time period. It usually takes 3-4 days to come into shape. The craze for these melons is not only because of its shape but also due to the paltry number number produced per year i.e. only 200-300 per year.

The initial intention of growing square watermelons was due to easier transportation purposes! But the shape can only be improved at the expense of inner quality of the product! Due to the current hype,they are usually priced in the neighborhood of 125$ in supermarkets.


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