A Street Candy Trip Around The World


Take a trip around the world through different street candy in every country

Take trip around the world through different street candy in every country

Amazing ! Candy art around the world

The number of people from around the world who did not fancy candy as a child is non-existent. Even today the view of a hawker selling spun sugar candy by the road side, public display of confection in bakery shops has the ability to bring out the child hidden inside each one of us.

Available in many varieties,resulting due to difference in the type of sugar used, aeration, size of the sugar crystals and sugar concentration, candy is a food treat which many of us hold close to heart.So let’s discuss some of the famous candies from around the world as a tribute to our innocent childhood days:

Cuberdon– A cone shaped candy having a soft core but a hard crust,from Belgium with a predominant flavor of raspberry.

Callison– A traditional French candy made using candied fruit pulp,almonds and royal icing.

Negro– A black colored Hungarian candy made using molasses and derives its distinct flavor from menthol.

Vanparys– From belgium,this candy has a heart of delicious Belgian chocolate coated with thin layers of sugar.

Carambar-A chewy caramel candy from France.

Gummy bears- They are gelatin based chewy candies which originated in Germany and come in a variety of flavors and color.

Take trip around the world through different street candies in every country

Amazing ! Candy art around the world

Reese’s Pieces– Peanut butter candy from America which is covered with colored shells on the outside.

Ribbon candy– A type of hard candy popular in North America during Christmas.

Candy canes– A Christmas treat which is white in color with red streaks.

Butterscotch– Made primarily using brown butter and brown sugar,other ingredients like salt,cream,corn syrup might also be used.

Life savers– Usually ring shaped and artificially flavored hard candies.

Rock– Traditional British stick candies.

Sweethearts– Manufactured by necco,they are jasmine flavored small heart shaped candies with sweet messages on them.

Lollipops– A famous sweet treat made out of hardened,flavored and brightly colored sucrose mounted on a stick.

These are some of the famous candies from various countries which may be encountered while on a food tour. [mashvideo]

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