Such An Incredibly Badass Launch of a Huge Ship M.V. GREENLAND


Such An Incredibly Badass Launch of a Huge Ship M.V. GREENLAND

On Oct. 31st, a large-scale commercial carrier ship was officially launched in Westerbroek, Netherlands. The name of the ship is the “Greenland”.

The video of its launch, uploaded the day after, on YouTube shows this mammoth-sized ship launching into a canal, followed by a small tidal wave that practically engulfs a nearby street. Although it appears to tip heavily at the beginning, it quickly positions itself upright. Thankfully, hundreds of public viewers were placed strategically out of the wave’s range so that they could enjoy viewing the launch of this ship without being swept away by the resulting flood of water. The event took place at the Ferus Smit shipyard, and was hosted by a business venture named JT Cement — a combination of the well-known companies Erik Thun AB and KG Jebsen Cement.

During a camera pan that sweeps across the left starboard of the vessel, large letters appear, reading “Powered by Natural Gas”. While natural gas may seem too weak to support a ship of that size, the company’s website confirms that is, in fact, powered by Liquefied Natural Gas — an impressive feat for a vessel of that size. This was only attainable due to the one-of-a-kind engine that was designed specifically for natural gas. This makes the ship almost entirely unique, since few ships are capable of being so environmentally friendly.

Because the ship relies on this Liquefied Natural Gas as its fuel, it creates significantly less harmful pollution than other vessels of its size. This is important because many large-scale commercial ships contribute heavily to worldwide pollution. In fact, commercial ships and freighters harm the environment more than automobiles and factories.

However impressive the logistics behind the ship may be, it’s simply hard to comprehend the gigantic size of this ship. The small tsunami it creates during the video provides a much better sense of scale as it crashes into the canal.

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