Super-sized muscles Man Romario Dos Santos Alves


Super-sized muscles Man Romario Dos Santos Alves

Alves is a bodybuilder born in Caldas Novas Brazil. When Romario moved from Caldas Novas to Goiania Brazil he would go to the gym and he would see some really muscular guys, he started to make friends with them and they introduced him to Synthol, Synthol is a drug of oil and by infecting it you would begin to get huge muscles wherever it was infected.

Romario alves synthol

Romario started to use Synthol out of control and with the Synthol pumping through is body he became huge. Romario modeled his huge body after the incredible hulk and gets people on the streets to come up to him and get pictures often but also he says there are plenty of people afraid of him and he was once told someones child didn’t want to go to church because they were afraid of him.

Romario’s arms began to be filled with little rocks due to the Synthol and doctors told him they would have to amputate the arms, thanks to a miracle when Romario went in to let doctors do the procedure the doctor told him they would not need to amputate the arm. 2843CA6E00000578-3066540-He_even_tricked_his_wife_Marisangela_Marinho_22_pictured_togethe-a-56_1430694336664

After the trip to the doctor Romario stopped using Synthol and is now living happy and trying to get his bodybuilder body naturally.


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