Surviving a breakup, how to get over her/him!


Surviving a breakup, how to get over her/him!

You may have heard this ‘Broken heart is like a broken mirror. It is better to keep it broken otherwise it may hurt you more if you try to fix it.’ Do you believe in the same? Breakups are never easy. When one is dumped, they always try to retreat the world with the same. Breakup doesn’t mean that one should end his or her life. Grieving over your lost love for some time is truly logical. One should try to get over it soon. The love therapists say that one should try holistic approach to get over a breakup.

Surviving a breakup

Breakup affects the four core areas of the every person’s life, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. A lot of people ruin their lives just because of a heart break. Today, Media24by7 is presenting some highly effective strategies that will help you rebuild the strength and fix the disturbed areas of your life. Read these tips and get over the breakup easily.

Drugs can never bring them back:

In the times of stress and despair, having alcohol may look tempting. Regular consumption of alcohol or drugs will put you in depression. People often use drugs and alcohol to forget the bad past, but such actions hurt them more. Instead of wasting time in faintness (Yes! it is), one should try to relax and set their mind free through meditation and deep breathing practices.

Starvation! Are you serious?

During the childhood, most of the us have skipped food to convince our guardians for Now the starving blackmails would not work anymore. Even in the times of breakups, your body needs proper nutrition for its functioning. One should never try to skip their meals. Have wholesome meals that are balanced and freshly made.

Sleep is important:

A quality sleep is always essential to replenish once body. One should not disturb their sleep due to heart breaking thoughts of past.  One must always try to keep the ‘blues’ away. Breakup will make you feel sad, slow and depressed. One should try to change thought with anything like regular workout and proper exercise or meditation to get back into the routine. These practices will be beneficial to rebuild the physical core again.

Believe in Yourself:

Do not forget that you are special. One should never ignore their feelings. Don’t let your precious tears flow. The ignored emotions can make you callous and afraid. You should never punish yourself for what happened with you in past. Keep in mind that your heart needs solace and attention after breakup. Try to surround your broken heart with a lot of smiles and happy vibes. You can surround yourself with the people who need your presence. Friends are the best option to be with; they will help you to overcome with your pain and despair. Do not be with the unhappy ones; they will only drag you down. Try to be happy as much as you can. Therapists say that laughter and smiles can boost up your mood instantly.

Gratitude beats negative attitude:

Gratitude is the best way that transforms pain into love. Gratitude always brings peace to the emotional chaos. In the time of stress, one should always try to remember the moments for which they are grateful. This is the best strategy that can bring you out of your dull mood.

We also notice that one who takes cares of the other’s need, is the happiest person. One should try to focus on the needs of other. Such actions help you shift your thoughts from bad to good.  This will also shift your mood from victimhood to empowerment one.

You should avoid isolating yourself. Find a good listener and talk to him. You just need to speak a lot. Keeping all your pains unspoken will never let you forget your deadly past. Follow the tips and try to get over breakup. You have a lot of tasks to do in this world. Never try to end your life for broken relationships. Life will never stop because you are very special.

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