Sushant Singh & Ankita To Tie Knot Soon!


Sushant Singh & Ankita To Tie Knot Soon!

It looks like ‘all is not well’ between the sparkling star Shushant Singh Rajput and his ladylove Ankita Lokhande. Reports state that the duo met on the set of daily soap ‘Pavitra Rishta’. Initially, they hated one another as there were a lot of arguments between them, but soon they understood that they were falling for each other and should soon plan to be in relationship. The love birds further decided to stay together forever.


Ankita was happy with the relationship and waseven comfortable to reveal it officially. However, the introvert Shushant Singh was not ready to accept their relationship publically. We don’t know about the thoughts that forced the guy to hide his relationship status among the public, but we surly know that such decision would have affected their relationship adversely. Further to this, Ankita started forcing his partner in order to reveal their relations officially to which Sushant denied. The lady thought that Shushant was not loyal enough to take care of her. She also felt that Shushant was embarrassed to admit the fact being in relationship with a débutante TV actress, such thoughts were highly depressing her.

The couple further appeared together in a renowned dance show ‘Jhalak Dikhlaja’. The duo shared a great bond of love and chemistry at the show, but still Ankita was confused as Shushant has revealed nothing about their relations even at the show. After few days, Sushant stunned his ladylove by proposing her in front of whole public and participants at the show, Ankita was really happy to have such warm proposal in front of everyone. This encouraged her to forget the past and continue to love his star boyfriend.

Soon after this, the duo decided to move on in the live-in relationship. You would be amazed to know that Sushant and Ankita shared a flat at Mumbai; there were a lot of news about the couple and their new rocking start. Still the duo had nothing to say about their plans for getting married. People felt, their relationship would reach at higher extent but nothing happened like this, the duo continued to have arguments and fights. However, Ankita revealed in an interview that they have yet not planned about their wedding, but their wedding would be a perfect Rajasthani scenario. Ankita further continued saying that, she wants to follow Rajasthani ethics and culture in her wedding.

When Shushant was asked about this, he replied that he would surely offer a lavish wedding to her lady love. Sushant continued saying that if he gets a chance, he would prefer marrying in any palace at Udaipur or Jaipur.  You would be stunned to note that Ankita even slapped her lovely beau Sushant outside the Yashraj film studio. A lot of rumours were fired at this however; Media24by4 has collected the update that may be indeed true, sources reveal that she slapped Sushant because the man was growing proximity with certain stylist. The duo even had harsh arguments due to the stylist. However; Shushant confirmed that he is no more in touch with his stylist friend and convinced Ankita to continue their love relations. Sources state that the SSR has now gone back to Ankita promising that he would never do this again.

Nothing can be said about their current relationship status, as Ankita is deeply upset with Sushant’s behavior and needs some time to sour it out. May be their love life has been ended or the couple is trying somewhat to work the things out. However we hope that such stupid arguments and fights would not affect their professional life in any case.

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