Symptoms of heart problems you should never ignore


Symptoms of heart problems you should never ignore

Due to their busy life and tiring schedule, people cannot focus on health properly. People always neglect common symptoms like coughing, sweating, Jaw pains and frequent change in the level of blood pressure. Such symptoms further lead to several heart problems. One should never ignore these common symptoms.Media24by7 has collected information about the symptoms that may signal heart troubles. Read the article and take care of your dear heart.


Chest Pain:
One should never ignore the chest discomfort. Pain in the chest is a common and fine symptom of heart attack. Chest pain can also occur from different diseases that has nothing to do with your heart. The heart related chest pains are always centered under the Brest bone. If you have heart issue, this pain may hurt you continuously for long time. Chest pain can also occur due to the sensation of pressure; such pains are not related to heart.

Anxiety & tiredness:

Feeling of intense anxiety and fear of death can also lead to heart attack. Heart rhythm abnormalities and feeling of dizziness can also lead to heart attack. In such conditions person loose his consciousness. Unusual fatigue among the women can cause severe heart attack. Women should never neglect the feelings of fatigue and tiredness. If you feel such symptoms, then consult the doctor soon.


Loss of appetite and abdominal swelling can also lead to heart problem. One should always check the lower abdominal part of their body, such swellings can also cause heart attack. Always check the regularity of your pulse. Irregular pulse can be a symptom of heart attack. If such irregular pulse is accompanied by weakness, dizziness and sweating then it can be a ‘Danger alarm’. Shortness of breath can also lead to the heart issue. Breathlessness can also indicate a severe heart failure.

Sudden changes in weight:

Heart failure often causes fluid that accumulates in the body. This can cause swelling in legs, palms and abdomen. Symptoms like sudden weight gain and loss of appetite can cause severe heart diseases. Extreme weakness is the typical symptom of all the heart problems. If you feel weak and tired all the day, you must consult the doctor soon. If you are a woman, then you should never neglect the common symptoms like pain in upper back, abdominal swelling, sweating and continuous vomiting, dizziness and weakness. Such symptoms can be the sign of heart issue.

Unhealthy Eating:

Diabetes increases the risk of heart problems. If you are diabetic then you must always try to control your sugar level. Avoid eating a lot of sugar. Regular smoking increases the risk of heart attack in men and women.  Low level of estrogen can also increase the risk of heart attack in women, especially after menopause. Complication during pregnancy can also lead to heart failure. Poor cholesterol level can be a big sign of heart problem; one should always try to maintain their cholesterol.

Always take care of your heart and body. Only the good health can bring happiness to you and family. So never compromise with the conditions and never ignore these symptoms because all the major diseases start with ignorance.  For more health and fitness updates, read our information and helpful guides on Media24by7 Health

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