Talking Cat Sing’s A Song


This Talking Cat Sings Blue’s And Tell’s About Life

Fancy knowing how a day in the life of a cat looks like? You cannot afford to miss out on the internet sensation that the talking, should I say singing, cat is! 

It takes an innovative and humorous person such as Will Varley to come up with a culmination of the crazy and hilarious talking cat viral videos and put all this in a song. In his usual existential theme of loneliness, the video is all about this lazy lonely, jobless guy whose girlfriend dumps him, all the scenes perfectly played by cat memes!

It’s a beautiful story of subtle political commentaries, social opinions and humor all rounded up in one great song with cats as the main characters. Did you know that most of what you post on social media is crap to others (except stalkers and crushes of course)? And did you know that your political opinions are not as mind blowing as you think they are? Well, look beyond the sarcasm and you just might get it!![mashvideo]

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