The Talking Dog, Tells You About The Love of Bacon Treats


The Talking Dog, Tells You About The Love of Bacon Treats

There’s a certain phenomenon on YouTube of late and it has evolved way beyond that cat playing a piano…

These funny videos are created by Andrew Grantham, who came out with the original “Ultimate Dog Tease” video a while back in 2011, which subsequently took the Internet and YouTube by storm.

Indeed, the talking dog was the most watched YouTube video in the UK at that time, arguably making his first video the best talking dog video ever.

This guy’s talking dog videos are a wonder to behold and always succeed in making this viewer giggle, if not eliciting an outright guffaw.

Who wouldn’t love dogs talking?

As mentioned, this creative man is famous for perhaps the best talking dog video of all time, but he has added more of these YouTube funny videos over the recent years and what fun they are !!

It’s important to note that, in addition to clever talking dog videos, he makes these “dog tease” videos in support of the Pets Add Life campaign, which is an organization that works to promote the adoption of pets, (talking dog or otherwise), and conscientious pet ownership.

So laugh in knowing that your view brings awareness to this good cause.

There does seem to be one common theme that runs the gamut of these funny videos, namely food in general and sometimes the lure of bacon treats for dogs, all of whom would seem to go doggone crazy for a small taste of pork heaven.

Having grown up with a few talking animals myself, in particular a German Shepherd dog who had perhaps the most magic of personalities (and unequaled loyalty), I can see why YouTube has become such a bastion of videos of dogs, young and old, in both common and extraordinary circumstances.

The best dog videos tend to show us a dog’s life in regular households, where anyone who has loved a dog can relate, and, of course, there is often food in the equation with bacon treats for dogs the reigning champion.

Check out the original here to see just how much the enticement of a bacon treat can make a doggy go wild. [mashvideo]

Source: Talking Animals

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