7 Terrifying Diseases of the Future


7 Terrifying Diseases of the Future:

Curable or Incurable, Diseases are common in the technological world in which we got our command over most of them but still we are lacking behind to find the exact cure of some which are dangerous and life threatening. We need to work regularly on the research and development so that we can work it out and save many innocent lives. We do have a number of old and new diseases but the rate by which we are moving in the world, we need to count on what can we encounter in the future.

Here is the list of seven terrifying diseases of the future.

Virtual Reality Addiction

Virtual Reality is the technological evolution which takes you to another level and forces your brain to believe what is in front of your eyes. It is a new dimensional world which lives on the imagination and creates its own virtual world. When we connect addiction to virtual reality, it gives us the new definition of addiction can be of anything like alcohol, the internet, Video games and the list goes on but these all addiction can be cured through consultant and preservative measures can be taken against it but what will happen, if somebody so addicted towards the virtual world and can’t see himself evolving with the real world. It is unimaginable and still, it is possible to get addicted.

Google Amnesia

Google Amnesia will be the disease in which our brain will only work as a scanner but will not store the information for later use. There are many people who spend most of the time on the internet to seek the information they are looking for instead of looking it in books. This information is transferred to our brain to tell us the easiest way possible to capture the files. Neuroimaging studies which were conducted on internet users revealed that the brain disregard most of the information that we see as the brain is ready to skim the information instead of learning. All this condition will create a new society with no knowledge but easy access to knowledge as the Internet.


The virtual world is elaborating in every aspect possible and someday it will develop a new virtual world for the brain to virtually stimulate the sex without getting in contact with another human. This is concept seen in many Hollywood movies and can be turned into a reality which will diminish the knowledge and dependency on others. Sexual Learning disability will be encouraged and self-stimulation will be the real truth as it will be the easiest and will require no touching at all, thanks to your brain.

Compartmentalized Personality Disorder

Our brain stores all the information in different compartments and utilities the particular compartment when needed. It is an on-going process for both storing and using it, just like information stored, in near future we will have different compartments for our personality. For every given task we will use our distinctive personality whether to be at work, commuting through places, talking to somebody and the delusive aura will force us to ask the question “Who am I?”. This can be seen true with the use of virtual intelligence spreading across the whole new world.

Resistant Bacteria

A phantom menus bacterium has the property to be resistant to every antibiotic medicine which is known to humankind. This was discovered when a woman in Texas died as she was infected by the same bacteria. The reason it to be so deadly because it spread at such a high rate which was considered impossible before and considered un-harmful but with the property to be resistant to any antibiotic, it created a mess and will be lethal until the time we find something to work against it.


Nano Technology could be the most innovative discovery ever made in the human history and can open new doors to order them to work on ourselves and others on molecular levels. With this, we can create anything we wish for but most of the wishes come with regrets. If we will not be perfect in the technology then it will create serious problems to our health by spreading toxic in our body with unknown side-effects and because of their size, they are hard to detect and to get to the main reason.

Unknown Genetic Diseases

There are many genetic disorder diseases by which many patients suffer and this is the sole reason why some of them get infected by cancer cells and some are not. Genetic Engineering is used to find the cure by removing the cells which are infected and by doing so it will create the possibility to give birth to new unknown genetic diseases. It is the new level of diseases which are unknown and can have severe effects on the human race. Genetic engineering has been conducted on many vegetables and fruits and to test it on humans will be great but comes with many unknown risks.


Source: Strange Mysteries

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