Terrifying moment a lion attack a safari car driver watch what happens


Terrifying moment a lion attack a safari car driver watch what happens

On a recent African safari, a group of tourists had a bit of a close call with a pride of lions. The African wildlife on safari tours can be fascinating, beautiful, and sometimes, scary! This video, as well as the others on this YouTube channel show all of that and more!Wildlife advocate Kevin Richardson captured this harrowing scene on a GoPro (the best camera for wildlife videos, in our opinion), while these majestic creatures fought with a car carrying tourists. The video opens with Kevin communicating with the folks inside the car, and as he comes around the front of the car, he is confronted with a very large male lion.

The lion seems to be playing a bit with the car, but with its sheer size and strength, those sorts of games result in some fairly major damage to the vehicle. Based on the footage here, it is no unreasonable to assume that these lions could easily break through the glass of the windows if properly provoked, something I am sure the tourists inside wanted to avoid. Seemingly unfazed by the danger, Richardson got up close and personal with the beasts, even after the a lion charged the car the tourists were in. Though it was unclear whether the animals wanted to fight, to play, or perhaps have a snack, the folks inside the car were pretty happy they were behind closed doors. The large male lion actually rips the rearview mirror from the body of the car, it is left dangling there as Richardson implores them to drive off. As you can see from the video, the car (and the tourists) escape further harm, but the lions gave chase for a while, lending a little more drama to the situation.

These wonderful creatures are to be protected, not exploited. Kevin Richardson has made it his mission to raise awareness of the lives of these animals and to advocate on their behalf. As a part of this, his amazing film work shows them up close and personal, sometimes too close for comfort. Richardson has gained a lot of support of his cause and of these majestic animals through videos just like this. According to his website and other social media, Richardson aims to provide these iconic African beasts with sanctuary and space, as well as an opportunity for others to learn about them in as close to a natural habitat as possible. Kevin’s YouTube channel, titled “LionWhispererTV” is very popular, with more than 140,000 subscribers. It is here that he first shared this video and many others in hopes that folks would see just what it is like to be hands on with one of nature’s most incredible species, as well as find ways to support his cause. Kevin has dozens and dozens of videos on his channel, each of them highlighting different aspects of the lions, all of them showing just what an important big cat it is, not just to Africa, but to the world at large. After all, where would be if we didn’t have the King of the Jungle?[mashvideo]

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