The most terrifying Aviation Accidents and Air disasters of all time


The most terrifying Aviation Accidents and Air disasters of all time

They are notorious for claiming almost all the lives of the passengers on board; very few people survive from such disasters if any. Aviation accidents and air disasters have always been fatal; they have always led to massive loss of lives. Here are 5 of The most terrifying Aviation Accidents and Air disasters of all time in the history of mankind

1. The 9/11 flights: Alt Although it wasn’t a single air disaster, it remains one of the most terrific air disaster in history. It involved four flights; two of the involved airlines were abducted by terrorists who plunged the planes in the two world trade centers also known as twin towers. 2700 people were reportedly killed

2. The Tenerife airport disaster that left 583 dead: This disaster involved the collisions between 2 Boeing 747 planes on the Spanish island of Tenerife killing 583 people. It remains one of the deadliest air crash disaster in history

3. The 123 Japan airline flight disaster that left 520 people dead: On 12th august 1985, a flight from Tokyo to Japan crashed in Mount Takamagahara killing everybody on board except only four

4. The mid air collision at Charkha Dadri where 349 people perished: This is regarded as the most terrifying mid-air collision in mankind’s history. Kazakhstan airlines and Saudi Arabian airlines crashed west of New Delhi killing everybody on those planes. Investigations revealed that communication barrier on Kazakh pilots was the real cause of this disaster. The Kazakhs pilots had a difficult time communicating using the English language

5. The Ernonville air disaster that left 346 people dead: When the Moroccan baggage carrier wasn’t able to read latching instructions properly in either Turkish or English on Turkish airlines flight 981, the latch just blew off mid flight making the plane to crush inside the Ernonville forest. The latches had been known to have design flaw

May Day were Going Down ! Tons of people today fly in and out of airports, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Flying has become such a normal way to travel in this century. Yet there are still many scared and uneducated flyers.

Why is that? Plane crashes rarely happen world wide, yet are such a feared fate. Planes are machines and machines can fail, but what really is the probability of this happening? Airlines take every precaution when, taking off flying and landing. So the question remains why are people so afraid of flying.

An airplane crash statistically is so much more less than a car crash, yet so little people are scared to drive. Airports are still filled with people day in and day out with people looking to travel. So let’s dig into what actually goes wrong with these engineering marvels and why these planes crash.

The most common reasons for airplane crashes !

1. Pilot Error: half of plane crashes are due to pilot error. That’s a pretty high stat, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Just like in car accidents the driver is always the one liable. Pilots are entrusted with mine and your safety when ever we fly, if they misread equipment, misjudge weather conditions or fail to recognize mechanical errors, our fate is in their hands.

2. Mechanical Error: second most common cause is, mechanical error. Like mentioned previously, airplanes are machines, and machines break. The pilot can’t control everything and they especially can’t control when an engine just stops working.

3. Weather: weather does cause plane crashes as well. Although most airlines ground their airplanes in severe weather conditions. Weather is so sporadic at it can change in an instance. Heavy winds, snow, lightning, can all come into play in airplane crashes.

Fighting the Fear! This video is a very graphic portrayal of what plane crashes really is. In reality when you go to the airport, you would have a greater chance of dying getting there. Flying can be horrifying, but if you do the math and crunch your numbers, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.[mashvideo]

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