Terrorism: How It Spreads, The Effects And How It Can Be Stopped

The international community has not found any legal definition for terrorism yet. We can define terrorism as a violent act intended to create fear among the society. We can also term Terrorism as an unlawful violence or war. The concept of terrorism gets controversial when it is used by the state authorities to delegitimize the political or other opponents. Terrorism is often practiced various political organizations to further their objective. Sometimes the nationalistic groups, religious groups, ruling government parties and revolutionaries also practice terrorism.

Terrorism: How It Spreads

Terrorism: How It Spreads

Everyone knows that people only choose terrorism when they face political or social injustice. Political or social injustice forces the man to follow the track of terrorism. Terrorist believe that such violent activities can be an effective way to get the rights that are unlawful. Reports from many terrorists state that they have choosen the path of terrorism after a long deliberation, as they have no choice left with them.

These days, it is being believed that religious fanaticism is the rising cause of terrorism. It is not true; however we can say that religious fanaticism develops the conditions that are favorable to cause terrorism. Except the religious fanaticism, there are some other factors that in combination provoke the people to follow the path of violence. We can say that terrorism is the kind of political or social violence that is committed by the people who do not have legitimate army at their disposal.

Terrorism can also be psychological. In the year 1970, scientist had researched and founded that psychological disorder can also let the people to follow the path of terrorism.  However, there is a substantial body of theory that states that the individual terrorists are no more or less likely to be abnormal. Socio economic clues of terrorism explain that even different types of deprivations move people towards terrorism. Poverty, lack of education and lack of political freedom are some major socio economic factors that force the individual to follow the path full of violence.

Today the world is experiencing the global rebirth of attacks. The small third person countries have become the regular victims of terrorism related activities. Terrorism encourages disputes among the healthy society. Terrorism also affects the level of government debts and cause changes in government defense spending. It poorly affects the health of particular sector of the economy. Terrorism affects the economy as well as the future of the nation.

The attacks at world trade center and Hotel Taj has made people stunned with threat. Such activities often affect the innocent ones. Many people lose their lives. Many families get separated. The cities face disastrous damage. Most importantly such activities poorly affect the youth of the nation. They face mental depression. The youth is the most important factor for the country to face a successful future. If such activities are continued, any country would not be able to live a life peace and freedom. Terrorism severely affects the economic and social growth of the country.

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