Dad Uses A Tesla Self Driving Cars To Prank His Son


The Future Is Here , Tesla Motor Presents Autonomous Summon In Their Electric Car : And This Dad Uses That to Prank His Son


The Tesla motors just hit with the autonomous self driving cars technology using an over-the-air auto-update software. The Tesla models have great features enabling the Autopilot mode where you can lock or unlock your car from a status bar.

This self driving technology has large application windows, with the biggest visual display having a 17-inch touch screen. The Tesla electric car’s have the steering wheel capable of measuring the torque hence any movements against it turns off the Autopilot mode and let you be in control.

The Autopilot technique is made possible by a number of features. The Auto-steer technology which uses immediate feedback from the sensors fitted in the car; a radar facing to the front, image recognition camera and an ultrasonic sonar capable of rotating to an angle of 360 degrees. All this features enable the car to detect other vehicles on the road, at the same time reading lane lines as it steers itself maintaining a steady and safe speed.

A self driving car video has been released showing how dad pranked the son with a Go Pro hidden on a dash using a summon feature added to the car making it move without a driver.

All these features in place with the auto update system make the Tesla self driving cars unique as compared to the other pseudo-autonomous cars in the auto motors industry.

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