Thai man loses his home to Baby Godzilla lizard?


How crazy is the incident in which the Thai man loses his home to monster monitor lizard?

Thai man loses his home to Baby Godzilla lizardimage courtesy Attanai Thaiyuanwong/Facebook

Is it not surprising when you see a monster like huge lizard entering your home. How is that possible? Yes it is … something as like the incident was seen at Thailand when a guy named Attanai Thaiyuanwong entered his home back at Nonthaburi in the city. The Thai man just got surprised with seeing the visitor who was never expected at his house. The monitor lizard was trying to enter his house with breaking the door.

The size of the lizard was unexpectedly tall with a dangerous figure that would really make you scared. It was almost looking like a generation of Godzilla with huge body size. It seems really amazing when we try to understand that how such a dangerous animals get into houses across the city. Especially those lizards that are almost looking like baby Godzilla lizard. These are really poisonous and are indeed scary to make you feel how they can make a freakish entry into your home.

How crazy is the incident in which the Thai man loses his home to monster monitor lizardimage courtesy Attanai Thaiyuanwong/Facebook

Probably the lizard had got out of the zoo which is a scary incident and might even prove dangerous if not taken on with proper care. Some said it was beside the water cooler and this Godzilla like lizard was so scary that there was no one nearby to take a risk of making it out of the location. The animal seems to be old enough which was noted from his body features.

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It seems as if a man is standing with his two legs and trying to open the knob of the door. as some people nearby said that they noted a man shouting and a dog backing at the back but still it is under the stones if the lizard has been removed safely from the location and has been transferred to his correct destination or not.

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