The ‘Alleged’ Love Story Is Quite Charming


The ‘Alleged’ Love Story Is Quite Charming

Bipasha and Karan Singh Grover, it is being believed that the couple is now planning to be in relationship, however the duo has denied saying such news are nonsense and we have nothing to do with such gossips.

The 32 years old Karan is really good at flirting with gorgeous babes, as everybody knows. Jokes apart, but some of his fans sincerely believe that he is honest and unpretentious. Readers would be amazed to know that apart from this, Karan also loves to sing and write. After moving to 20 houses in just 10 years in Mumbai and getting over with two marriages, Karan has finally understood that he should try to think a bit before making such decisions says sources.305953-bips-karan
Karan has also revealed in a public interview that he had great bond of love and understanding with Jennifer, However some bad conditions have made it difficult for the duo to continue their married life. Karan also said that after breaking up the relationship with Jennifer, now he doesn’t need any relationship kind of thing. He has stored the memories of his married life deep in his heart, and cannot think of anyone else.
Whereas, Jennifer’s closed ones say that Karan is not a loyal being, he has not treated the relation properly. Jennifer still says that whatever may be the conditions, she will always pray for him to have a successful professional career. What else can you expect from a good hearted personality? Such allegations about the duo (Bipasha and Karan) being in relationship has made the actress really angry. She has angrily stated that “I and Karan are just good friends”, and we have no plans about being in relationship. However, it’s a personal matter and the media should not interfere in it.
Sources deliver that the duo has great bond together, many times they’ve spotted together. Their sexy Thrilling drama ‘Alone’ hit the theaters. The duo (Bipasha and Karan) are still expecting good commercial success for the movie. Bipasha feels that Karan is a hard worker and he has done great efforts to take the film at higher extents. Whereas Karan says that Bipasha was a great guide, she helped him in order to explore his acting skills in better way.
Their friendship has now become talk of the town. However, the actors have strictly denied the rumors about being in relationship. They have also stated that such silly rumors will certainly not affect our friendship and we will be great buddies forever.
Bipasha and Karan are highly excited to work together in movies, their movie didn’t make a good impression on audience. Karan says that he will always love to act with Bipasha in near future. It seems that their friendship is getting really special and would soon reveal the ‘Real’ story officially.
These were some updates about the sexy duo and their upcoming film. For more warm updates and info about your favorite celebrities, keep visiting Media24by7.

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