The flying two seater


The flying two seater

Technology changes everyday, and with new inventions in the future everyone is bound to be amazed at the possibility of the un-imaginable. This is exactly what happened when a small town was awaken by a Volkswagen two-seater car with no wheels. Well, the profound abilities of the car is that it can actually fly.
The flying two-seater has the image of a ball with transparent glass as its wall. It has a remote control that opens the two doors opposite each other with the press of a button.Inside the flying two-seater are comfortable seats fitted with seat belts for comfort and safety.
The flying two-seater has sensors fitted to avoid collision with other objects on its path as well as a smooth ride on uneven terrain.
What may come as a relief to many is the ability of this machine to operate automatically without the need to physically navigate ones path. Let us hope that the next time they are in town you will be the lucky one to drive the flying two seater.


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