Insane(But True) Honda Motorcycle Briefcase


Why This Honda Motorcycle Briefcase Is Cuter Than Kittens, Find Out

Honda Motorcycle Briefcase

Sure, it is what it is – a mind-blowing motorcycle that resembles a briefcase, the Honda NCZ 50 Motocompo. It is popularly known as the motorcycle briefcase, the trunk bike or simply the Motocompo.

Why the peculiar names?

It uses a folding design that allows it to collapse to the size of a briefcase. It is simply a “WOW” considering that Honda produced these bikes between 1981 and 1983. Just imagine that in those days, you could simply carry a bike anywhere you go.

Equipped with a strong 2.5 horsepower engine and roughly 3 pound-feet of torque, the motorcycle briefcase could or can reach speeds starting from as low as 18 miles per hour and upwards.

Honda made those tiny magnificent bikes with such great specs that it makes one wonder why they managed to sell only around 53, 000 units within two years. With everything becoming smaller and lighter every day, it is conceivable that it can get more customers nowadays mostly those living in cities with regular traffic jams. In short, it is a bike that was made ahead of its time![mashvideo]

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