The Life of Eco Friendly Entrepreneur Srikanth Bolla


The Life of Eco Friendly Entrepreneur Srikanth Bolla, as Jimmy Dean says “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”

There are few more inspirational stories than that of the famous entrepreneur Srikanth Bolla. Having faced off multiple rejections due to a birth defect, this man fought all the way to become the head of an Rs.50 Crore Company based in Hyderabad. His parents had been advised to get rid of him because he was blind but they opted to look after him despite their meager means. They could not have predicted that they were nurturing an entrepreneurship phenomenon.

Success and the Glory

Any entrepreneur definition will tell you that the people who succeed are the ones that are passionately determined to do so. Bollant Industries is the seminal achievement of this erstwhile role model. The company employs those that are physically challenged and with low education, to produce eco-friendly products. Some of the highlights of this company include disposable packaging and natural leaf recycled paper. His entrepreneurial spirit has shone a light on the lives of the people who live in Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh where the company is based.

Winning Friends and Business Partners

Such is the success that Srikanth Bolla has achieved that he has impressed Ratan Tata who recently decided to invest in his company. It is a far cry from his schooldays when the budding businessman faced rejection after rejection. Later on, he was admitted to a school for special children where he excelled in academics, cricket and chess. His later exploits in life got him the attention of former president APJ Abdul Kalam with whom he worked on the Lead India Project, a value-based education program.

A Lesson to Us All

With his hugely successful eco-friendly companies, Bolla teaches a number of profound lessons. First of all there is nothing impossible in life if you put your heart to it. Secondly, disability is what society decides to put in your way rather than what you are truly capable of.

See the below video where Srikanth Bolla talks about his life and ideas at INNTALK2015


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