When Striking A Pose – The Lions Strikes Back


When Striking a Pose – the Lions Strikes Back

When Striking a Pose - the Lions Strikes Backs

The Lions Strikes Back

Animal hunting has been taking a toll in the existence of many exotic animals in the wild. Just last June 7 of this year a leaked video came out showing footage of a trophy hunter being attacked by a lion while trying to strike a pose holding a gun behind a huge lion whom she allegedly killed. This video was tagged to be a campaign to stop trophy hunting and animal violence. The video was said to be taken in South Africa.

Trophy hunting has killed thousands and thousands of wild animals most especially in Africa. These series of incidents of poachers are now threatening the survival rate of almost endangered species. This is why this kind of video has promoted to save the wildlife from extinction.

There are even wild animals being bred in captivity just to provide supply of animals for trophy hunting for tourist’s entertainment. One of the high price tag is a lion hunt which can reach a cost of $ 35,000 each. This provides the media more reasons to raise awareness on this very pressing issue at hand.

Such trophy hunters should be reprimanded and PETA or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals should create not only awareness but programs to directly address this issues that happens rampantly not only in Africa but in other places as well.

When Striking a Pose - the Lions Strikes Back

The Lions Strikes Back

Whether released footage’s are real or not, it is clearly a call for help to save our wildlife from the unreasonable practices committed by heartless individuals.

While there are mixed reviews and reactions garnered by this controversial video footage, some ended up being believers and some called it a hoax or a fake video.

The video being uploaded by Jayden Taner who claimed to get a copy of the said video while he was in South Africa a few months ago mentioned that the one who handed him the video found the footage to be hilarious rather than alarming.

Among the many wildlife animals found in Africa, Lions are considered to be among the BIG FIVE of Africa’s most coveted trophy animals that trophy hunters are after. Trophy hunters are willing to pay and settle an amount ranging from $8,000 to as much as $50,000 just to have an opportunity to hunt them in the wild.

The price is dictated by how beautiful and rare the animal to be hunted is. Obviously, trophy hunters are wealthy enough to spend a fortune for such a recreation. Though lions are the most commonly hunted animals under trophy hunting, there are also other exotic animals like the giraffes, elephants, zebras and other wildlife animals found in Africa that are included in the list.

Such recreations certainly brushed off any regards with the species that are under the Endangered Species Act like the African elephants and leopards. Sadly, trophy hunters are all after the competition and bragging rights that this kind of recreation provides.

Being able to bring home parts of the animals as a prize like the head, horns, tusks are legally allowed to be imported or brought home to US from Africa.


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