The most amazing UFO caught on video 2016


The most amazing UFO caught on video 2016:

Unidentified flying object or extra-terrestrial flying object is one of the most controversial conspiracies, without any proven statistics. It all started from the time when the world was in the war and Nazi’s were claimed to take help from friends which were not from the earth.

It was reported that Nazi’s had an alliance with extra-terrestrial during the war and kept as a secret. Since then, many people claimed to see the UFO around the world and even taken pictures and videos of the object.

Whenever these pictures or videos get published on the internet, there are masses which claims it to be fake or edited to gain popularity. There are theories that the government knows about these objects and they don’t want to disclose the truth as it will create a disturbance within the public.

Many pilots and astronauts have claimed to encounter the UFO while going out of the orbit or flying at high altitude. It is also believed that they can’t talk about it in public. The recent video which was released on the internet have the best shots of UFOs and clearly, we can see some objects that are flying in our skies which are not at all man-made.

The first shot is of the cylindrical object which is believed to be still and at very high altitude. In the past history and till now, no aircraft was built by any government of this shape and the best part is, it can be sensed that somebody saw it filming and it vanished all of a sudden with the speed that is unmeasurable.

Another one was a cubical pointed box which was rotating and revolving at the same time and in the video, all parts of the object can be seen clearly. The location was not disclosed but captured by a passenger from his car. Many people have no answers of the sightings and the question remained the same.

The third sighting is one of my favorites as it was not high in the sky but it was close to the ground level. The object was flying near the ground and came close to the building. It felt like the object was looking for something and after a moment it went through and gone out of the picture.

At times they travel with such a speed that they can’t be seen with naked eyes, we need to run the video, frame by frame to understand the object.

There are also some people who claimed that they were abducted by aliens in their spaceship. They don’t remember what happened after the abduction and where they have taken but they were gone for a week or even for months.

There are many channels across the internet which show the latest news about UFOs and aliens in which people share their personal experience and photos. The government is hiding something and after all these sightings, they need to answers and have to make it clear to the public.


Source: MilenioParanormal

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