The most dangerous and incredible selfies ever taken


The most dangerous and incredible selfies ever taken

A selfie is a picture taken by oneself usually through the use of a Smartphone or webcam and shared over media. Although selfies are simple and incredible to take, some individuals have resorted to taking selfies while in very dangerous positions; some of the world’s top selfies include:

A man from France risked by taking a selfie in front of bulls at a bull running event in France while an onlooker took a video of the moment

Dean Carriere taking a selfie on top of the world’s tallest mountain, MT. Everest

The best selfie is when Kevin Richardson one of the rare guys who likes hanging out with lions taking a selfie with a lion

Alexander Remnev and his friend taking a selfie on top of the world’s second tallest skyscraper in Dubai, the skyscraper is 1358ft.

Kelly Nash decided to take a selfie while watching batting in Fenway Park when a ball flew past her head while she took the selfie

Nikita Agapov a young instagram user who illegally climbed on top of a bridge and takes a selfie, this has been found out to be among his hobbies

Ferdinand Puentes rolls up his camera to take a selfie when a plane they were flying in crushed into the ocean. He rolls the camera up to ensure that he captures the plane.

A gator hunter in Florida by name Alex Lopatnyuk decided to take a selfie while driving without taking attention of the road ahead which landed him into another truck, this caused a shatter to his car’s windshield

This may look dangerous but also incredible, George Kourounis an adventurous photographer taking a selfie while visiting an active volcano crater.

Taking of a selfie with bears on the background in some countries like Columbia has become common despite the fact that it has been banned by the Us Forest Service

Two Iranian women taking a selfie while driving. The woman driving the car was hands off the wheel which led to their accident.

Incredibly dangerous is this selfie being taken on top of a crane on the very top of the suspension bridge with nothing to grab on. This selfie was one of the best ever taken using a selfie stick.

Jared Michael taking a selfie while standing very close to where a railway only for a train to zoom past which even made the train conductor to push him away to enable the train to pass. This is one of the most extreme selfies of the time.[mashvideo]

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