The Most Intelligent Robots Ever Created By Humankind


The Most Intelligent Robots Ever Created By Humankind

Robots are the most awesome inventions, to help humans generally with their daily chores and give them company when they are alone. Following are the most interesting robots you will ever find.

1) Nao – This robot has whole body motion and an additional feature of fall manager which helps himself back on feet if he happens to fall.

2) Honda Asimo- It has very high artificial intel, and conversates with people on the basis of that. He can run facial recognition system and if that specific person is embedded in his internal memory, he can greet the person by his name and show him the way around, he can also serve beverages to others.

3) Paul- This robot can almost draw a portrait of a human and the whole robot consists of only an electronic hand and a tower-stand which contains a camera which are inter-connected.

4) Petman – Can perform cardio and gymnastic operations.

5) Wildcat – It can almost gallop on its way, like a horse and can make hard turns and is extremely capable of bounding.

6) Actroid – It is the most human looking robot ever created and also makes casual conversation with people.

7) NASA’s rover – Also known as Mars Rover, it took samples from the planet mars and proved extremely useful for specifying objects on other planets.

8) Festo – It is the kangroo robot, hops exactly similar to kangroo has 2 motors in hips and 1 motor in tail, and is an overall entertaining robot.


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