The Most Weird Odd Jobs You’ve Never Heard of


The Most Weird Odd Jobs You’ve Never Heard of

Do you feel your job is weird and you don’t find it interesting? Think again; here we are listing world’s weirdest and most irritating jobs performed by the courageous people around the world. We are sure that you will never want to do this.

6. Worm Picker:

Have you ever heard about the worm pickers? These guys start working when everyone in the world is asleep. They are the very hard working people who get out  wearing fluorescent outfit in the dark. You will find them working usually in rainy season. They work in order to select the best worms and stuff these filthy creatures in cans. These cans are further sold by the fishermen all over the world.

5. Pet Food Tester:

Even the pets are offered with such lavish security these days. You would be stunned to note that everywhere in the world; the Pet food cannot arrive on store unless the food technologists taste it in order to check if there is any poisonous substance included in it. They do not only smell or taste the food, but they also chew it to check that the dear pets get high quality food.

4. Body Farm Caretaker:

Are you passionate to explore about the genius murder investigators, and their excellent skills about how they solve the broken bone structure like a puzzle game? Sometimes these guys are so sharp that they judge the murder location by comparing soil and worm type present in the particular area.  However; you would be stunned to note that these guys do not do it by themselves; such responsibilities are offered to the body farm caretaker. These guys do such a dangerous job, they drag the death bodies from their graves and even remove the deadly maggots stick to the flash of the dead bodies.

3. Professional Sleeper:

Wow this is something amazing and our favorite!  We are sure that everyone  reading this article will surely love this job. Can you believe someone can get paid for sleeping? Yes it happens and now a day it is being common worldwide. Have you ever wondered why these guys are paid for sleeping? Actually, these lucky professional sleepers participate in the sleep studies and researches. Wow!! We congrats all such professional sleepers, they have really bagged a dream job.

OMG! This one’s really weird

Have you ever heard about chicken sexer? You would be shocked to read that these guys get special training in order to identify and separate female hatchlings from the male ones.

2. Dice Inspector:

No one can deny the fact that Gambling is being a big business these days and lavish gambling dices are rolling all around the world. However; if the dice has imperfect shape or angle or even if it has slightly distorted centre of mass, in such circumstances the dice will favor one outcome, therefore corrupting a game of hazard. For such corruptions’, the dice companies can even be sued y the professionals. For this reason, a dice inspector has to check every dice very carefully which is indeed a tiring and a time-consuming job.

1. Vomit Collector:

Have you ever visited the entertainment park that has a lot of stomach churning rides? Such awesome parks make you lose your mind and even the lunch you have done before visiting. Have you ever thought who cleans the vomiting at such parks? They are the professional vomit collector, who cleans all such dirt in order to keep the park clean and beautiful.

These people are so courageous.

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