The Noble Nature of Patriotism: What This Mother Did Will Shock YOU Every Nation Needs This


The Noble Nature of Patriotism: What This Mother Did Will Shock YOU Every Nation Needs This

Patriotism these days is like any other festive season- lots of people carried away by the serenity and the spectacle of the atmosphere. We often hear of the need for us to be patriots, but have you ever sat down to really evaluate this meaning? How many times do you think you have practiced real patriotism? Ask any person on the street the meaning of patriotism and you will get the most superficial dead wrong answers.

Well, in this video we see the real meaning of being patriotic to one’s nation. Except only for a few exceptions, not every mother can do what this woman did. From the beginning of the video, we see a happy father playing with his kid. They are indeed enjoying their bonding moment with no knowledge of what awaits them in the near future.

The mother of the kid comes into the house, and almost simultaneously we see two soldiers on the side each holding a gun. What comes to my mind is that either the father is being apprehended, or there is a house search about to go down. But alas, I am utterly mistaken. The father of the kid is another soldier, and they are about to go and take care of their nation.

After a long goodbye, the father sets out with the two soldiers. The kid is left waving and crying. Little did this kid know that this was the last time he was going to see his father. But life has to go on, right?

While the father is out doing what he does best, the worst happens. They are attacked by bombers, and sadly the soldiers in the camp die. Back at home, his wife is watching the television and a flash of breaking news appears. Unbelievably, it is his loving husband’s death announcement.

In the funeral, the soldiers are present to pay their last tribute to their fellow. What moved me to tears was the innocence of the kid. Not knowing what is going on, he salutes in unison with the soldiers. Everyone is shocked at what the kid is doing. His mother smiles down at him and lets him wear his father’s hat.

How many people could let their sons adopt the same path that led to the demise of his father? Call it bravery. Call it patriotism. Call it mother nature. Call it love for one’s nation. Call this what you like but it is the bedrock of with which every nation was founded and which we stay at peril.


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