The premiere of Fast and Furious 8, Charlize Theron glam it up


The premiere of Fast and Furious 8, Charlize Theron glam it up:

The premiere of Fast and Furious 8, Charlize Theron glam it up

The premiere of Fast and Furious 8, Charlize Theron glam it up


The most awaited Hollywood movie “Fast and Furious 8” is set to make a mark in the industry again as the sequel is the first movie which will be without Paul Walker, whom we have lost in the tragic car accident last year in 2016.

The premier was in Germany on Tuesday evening where all the stars were gathered to decide the fate of furious. The story has been continued from the previous one which was furious 7, in which ‘The Rock’, Dwayne Johnson joined the squad and helped the team its fight for the right thing.

The latest movie is also about the decisions and what matters is ‘The family’. It is all about the manipulations and to what extent you can go to save your family.

On the red carpet, Vin Diesel saw not to celebrate the premier as deep inside he is still missing his best friend and it shows in his dress as he was wearing black tee which was printed with a logo of ‘Brotherhood’.

The friendship that they both shared was immense and he was quite close to him. But someone stole the show as Charlize Theron looked exquisite in her strapless white flare dress with strappy black and snakeskin heels. You can see the class with elegance and has played an important role in the movie.


It all started with the fast and the furious which was first in a long series and gathered a lot of attention as it was about cars, girls, and emotions. This is the eighth and I hope not to be the last as I like them to keep coming with a new adventure and who doesn’t like the cars. It got a hype when Dwayne joined the franchise and carried the burden on his big shoulders.

The movie covers almost all the countries with different aspects of their cars and personally I love the last scene where Paul said the last goodbye to Vin Diesel and I knew it is the last time I will see him on the screen. It made the crowd cry and it touched the souls. We all loved and endorsed all the segments of the movie and fast and furious 8 release date is coming near as it is expected to release in April of 2017.

Vin Diesel and Charlize Theron are tagged as an ‘odd couple’ by the media as they showcased themselves on the premier. She was looking like a princess in her white dress but Diesel looked rugged with muscle size of 20 or even more.

There were other cases from the movie who were in a nice, sharp-looking suit but what happened to Diesel. Somebody should go and tell him that ‘It is a premier but not a backyard barbecue’. He is a famous star known for his acting and stunts for decades and it is up to him to choose his wardrobe but at least wear a suit to a premiere. 



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