The Punisher Will Be Back With A Vengeance


“One batch, two batch, penny and dime”.- The Punisher

the punisher

Did these words ring a bell? If not, then you have probably missed one of the hottest and top-rated original netflix original series “Daredevil” season 2 and assuming that the first season as well. Those who watched the first season had their minds blown after the series proved to be unlike any other Marvel series with jaw dropping action, twists and turns and a darker tone compared to other Marvel series or movies.

All the fans around the world were eagerly waiting for a second season and their wish didn’t take long to fulfill as the second season was confirmed in the early 2015 and released on March 18, 2016.

The first season follows the journey of a lawyer-by-day Matt Murdoch use his super-human heightened senses from being blinded in an accident as a child to fight the crime and corruption at night in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen as the “Daredevil“.

The second season introduced several new characters in the series including Elektra, and the Punisher and followed various conflicts in Matt’s life as he struggles to balance life between him and his alter-ego and the return of his old girlfriend “Elektra” and often crossing paths with Frank Castle/ the Punisher, who is a vigilante just like the Daredevil but uses extreme measures like murder, kidnapping, extortion, torture and life threats to bring down criminals.

Due to the immense response from the viewers, Netflix announced a stand-alone “The Punisher” netflix series on April 29, 2016.

Here is a little origin story of “The Punisher”. Frank Castle was a war veteran with special training in martial arts, stealth and guerrilla tactics along with expert marksmanship, infiltration and demolition before his family was caught in a shootout between gangs killing his wife and children in New York City’s Central Park. This great trauma caused him to step up to all the darkness and wrongs in the world and became “The Punisher” to avenge his family’s death and continue to punish evil with evil . He is different from the Daredevil by the fact that he uses extreme measures that could be considered anti-heroic in order to fight evil. He doesn’t have a no-kill code and will do whatever it takes to get the job done unlike the Daredevil who has a strict no-kill code just like any other marvel superhero and doesn’t involve any civilians to get to his targets.He uses his military grade skills and weapons to wage a one-man war against entire gangs and drug-lords and uses his stealth tactics to remain undetected.

The new netflix  original  series “The Punisher” is expected to be an action-packed, thriling  and dark-themed series just like the anti-hero himself and will be played by Jon Bernthal who will reprise his role from Daredevil season 2.   Stay tuned for more “The Punisher” tv series update and netflix new releases. Make sure to watch “Daredevil” and the upcoming “The Punisher” series only on

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