Difference between a $2 and $2,000 pizza

The real difference between a $2 and $2,000 pizza in New York City:

Pizza is one of the most famous food types which has its roots across the globe with distinctive taste to die for. There are a number of groups who are the fan and have been eating it since their childhood. It is all about the taste as there are a number of pizza franchises which are available at every corner in New York City with the vast difference in prices.

The lowest price point starts from 2 dollars which goes up to 2,000 dollars but what is the actual difference? Is it the taste, ambiance, extra taxes or actually the highest price point pizza has a mouth melting taste.

The video was covered in the New York City which runs and taste three different pizza corners starting with the lowest price and will look for the actual difference between the prices.

Joe’s Pizza

Is a small shop in Greenwich Village of New York and been famous for years in the same city. Alex Bisogni, the owner of Joe’s pizza who has been working for more than 25 years and the place was established in the year of 1975. As per their experience there are some tourists which came for the first time 20 years ago, liked it so much that they still come to the same place whenever they travel to the same country and comes with big numbers which include their family and friends and the chain continued with the recommendation.

The price point has not been changed from the starting and they maintained it to $2.75 for a cheese slice which is nourished by the same old recipe from which they have started. There is another lady who travels from the mid-city on daily basis for a cheese slice and is their one of the loyal customers.


The slice is so crunchy that you can feel it in every single bite you will take and with no dripping of the cheese on taking away. It comes with some bitter taste with a sweet sauce which balances the taste of it in a unique way possible. They liked it so much that they ordered another one and this is the kind of pizza that you will eat alone and it doesn’t matter if you have the company or not like the old New York City pizza.

Eataly NYC Flatiron

The next day they traveled to another destination which is Eataly NYC Flatiron in Flatiron district of New York City. Mario Batali is the core chef and the owner of the company who is basically from Italy and selling pizza for the living. He named it “Rossopomodoro” which has a unique way of selling the pizza as the customer will shop for all groceries and ingredients required for baking a pizza and they will prepare it for you in the same restaurant.

Mario showed them the whole baking process and offered them to eat “Marinara Pizza” costs $13.00 with different viewpoints as it was burnt from the sides which will have a difference in the opinions. The other one was “Calzone” which was for $18 offered tomatoes which were grown in the volcanic soil to provide extra sweetness in the pizza.


Different taste and Mario made the cooking looked so easy with all the ingredients were perfectly placed.

Industry Kitchen

Industry Kitchen which is in the financial district of New York City of New York and maintained a high price of $2,000 for the pizza called “24k”. Braulio Bunay, the executive chef of the restaurant got this idea from the big jewelry shops on Broadway and he wanted to be different than everyone in New York City.

It has all the expensive ingredients from around the world and what makes it special as it has 24 karat gold which was shipped from Ecuador which is used as stripes or sprinkles. This is the best they can make as diamond comes next and we can’t eat diamonds. It was different to see people eating gold on pizza but they really do like the taste but is it worth it?


People will like it because of the price point but there are some who didn’t like the taste of it at all. So you need to be wealthy rich to have it once in a week or a month.

Source: BuzzFeedVideo

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