Stop before you give alms – the beggar may be richer than you


Stop before you give alms – the beggar may be richer than you

It is hard to believe but only one out of 4 adult men stopped from pulling out the purses for donating to beggars. But this beggar may be one of the lucky few, or may be it was his lucky day. On the whole it felt good to see the donors of alms shocked with the beggar’s cell phone and car.

The clipping silently raises questions such as what makes people give alms?

a) Is it a belief that giving alms is good, and will take them to heaven or mitigate their sins when god is doing accounting?
b) Is it willingness to share good fortune, with no attempt to find out if the person does or does not need that money and if there was any other person who genuinely needed some monies at that point of time?
c) Is it the need to look pious in front of others?
d) Is it pity?
e) Is it indifference to surplus money, making them feel that the amount that they have parted with is much too small for them?

In this clipping which was has all tell tale signs of being staged, the beggar seemed to have no diseases or handicap, still passers by gave him alms.

May be the clipping is made as an eye-opener. May be it is an attempt to make people realize that even small amounts matter. May be the person who uploaded this recording wants people to rationalize that if they continue giving alms blindly, then they will continue to be cheated by unscrupulous people.

In fact, begging should be legally banned to prevent kidnapping of children, and their exploitation by gangs that use them for all purposes including human trafficking. It is sad that some physicians do amputate beggars to invoke people’s sympathies. The beggar in this clipping, fortunately, did not have to lose any limb.

It does seem to be easiest profession for sure.


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