Milk and Coke strange chemical reaction


Milk and Coke can create so much havoc. Read on to find the reasons

Coca cola and milk are two of the most commonly drunk beverages around the world. But what happens when they are combined? In fact, the coca cola milk experiment has some strange chemical reactions.

After an hour the liquid in the bottle, after the mix of the two beverages, when the phosphoric acid moleculs come into contact with the milk, the change and as a result they become more dense, separating them from the rest of the liquid. But how this separation is produced? This is mainly because of the reaction of the phosphoric acid with milk, which contains the protein casein.

After 15 minutes, an unusual reaction takes place; when the molecules of the phosphoric acid that contained in coca cola binds to the molecules of milk, giving them more density. Then, the milk starts curdling and becomes a solid compound, that sinks to the bottom of the bottle. The non-affected molecules, on the ohter hand, remain light and clear and begin to float on the top. The hydrogen from the phosphoric acid molecules is released as gas. In fact, the acid of coca cola curdles milk so quickly, that can be seen even with naked eyes. If that’s what this soft beverage does to milk, we can even imagine what can do to the human body.

Even though both beverages are acidic, coca cola has more the milk. In general, coca cola has a pH from 2.3-4.5, because of its content of phosphoric acid, whereas mile has a normal pH of 6.7.

Phosphoric acid is a colorless and clear liquid that has a syrupy consistency. Due to its use, coca cola ia actually more acidic than milk or other beverages like lemon juice. Several studies have suggested that the high levels of phosphoric acid, which are found in these kind of beverages, increase the chances of osteoporosis if these people don’t get enough calcium in their diet. In addition coca cola consumption has been linked to chronic kidney disease and kidney stones.[mashvideo]

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