The Top Most Dangerous Airport in the World


The Top Most Dangerous Airport in the World

If you have ever seen an airplane flying high or have boarded one, then you might know that it will land. An airport is where the planes take-off, land and have maintenance check. It comprises of runways and buildings that facilitate passenger movement. For an airport to be considered dangerous, some factors have to be taken in. In most cases they are in a physical, environmental or wars zone affected areas. Here are some of the most dangerous airport in the world and why they are considered so:

Damascus International Airport

It is situated absolutely at the heart of Syria. As you may know, the country has been rocked with never ending civil war. This has acted negatively to the operations of this once busy airport. As this war between the ISIS and the government rages on, nothing is left of this airport. It is absolutely a no go zone. The place is filled with attacks as witnessed some months ago. With situation continues, it will remains a dangerous place to fly.

Baraa Airport, Isle of Barra, Scotland

The runway of this airport is elevated five feet above the sea level. This is the only beach runway in world. It offers a great tourist attraction. But the danger lies when the tide is high, all of the 3 runways get covered in water, it is safer when the tide is low. It’s get more difficult at night. But British Airways have done a remarkable job of maintaining, the runway lit up at night and functioning lightweight aircraft that land on soft sand. For this there is lot less mishaps. For adrenaline junkie this is a must go place.

Madeira Airport

If you want to visit Santa Catarina, in Maderia Archipelago, Portugal, you will have to land on this airport. Generally, the airport had a small runway that is sandwiched between a rocky cliffside and sea. This is no longer a concern as the runway has been extended, but what should worry you now is that the extension is supported by columns and a good part of it is well over the sea. On a windy rainy day, the airplane can easily drift off to the sea.

Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland

The 600 foot runway is one of the most difficult in the world. The main problem here is the wind. Even on the calmest day, you have to encounter severe turbulence and wind shear. In 2010, the area experienced a volcanic activity. This created big challenge to an aircraft flying there because the particles emitted can easily destroy the airplane engine.

McMurdo Air Station, Antarctica 

The runways are long and good enough but the weather is not pleasing at all. Antarctica is known for icing. The air station is not also different. The 3 runways are always covered with ice for the better part of the year. Unless you are out for skiing, then this is not one of the best places you would wish to be.

Airplane news has been on our screens at times. The recent one been the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia airplane. Most of the reasons for such misfortunes are attributed to bad weather, missile attacks, short runway and others that make the airport dangerous. I am confident now you can able to keep safe by avoiding some of the above airports as much as possible.[mashvideo]

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