How This Walking Dead Theme Park Can Make You Sick


Nostradamus Predicted This, Naah Not Really, But Zombie Lovers Would love This New Walking Dead Theme Park At Universal Studio

the walking dead bicycle girl theme park attraction

Get ready to experience goosebumps and the chills again in real life from a zombie invasion in your city. If you have been watching the American TV series of The Walking Dead where a group of survivors is finding for a safe place from a zombie apocalypse spread across the USA, you are in for a real treat because Universal Studio is coming up with a new theme park for the fans of The Walking Dead.

The theme park attraction is a reflection of the walk through the maze like park seen in the show. It has been designed with recognizable props from the show. Universal Studios wants to celebrate Halloween horror nights 2016 with a bang with this new theme park for the fans of The Walking Dead and audiences who would want to experience the walking dead ride.

Fans are going to love the walking dead theme park, and universal studio tickets are going to go on rapid demand, thanks to Greg Nicotero, Emmy-winning special effects guru who has lent his help to the walking dead Universal Studio. Nicotero told that he is excited to use the mold that they used to create the characters in the show will now be available to the public to watch and admire at the theme park. This a state of the art creation at the Universal Studios said Nicotero.

walking dead props and mold

The walking dead theme park is built right in the entrance inside the Universal Studio and will be next to attractions like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Fast and Furious – Supercharged ride, which has already opened shortly.

The theme park promises to be a thrilling experience for Halloween horror night, walking dead ride and walking dead theme park to those that visit the Universal Studio in Orlando. Just remember to watch a few episodes of the TV show before you head to the walking dead theme park to leave fresh memories and let you relate to all the animated characters from the show.


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