The Wild Backyard falls of Springville, Utah


The Wild Backyard falls of Springville, Utah

Designing and luxury reaches a new echelon in the wilderness of Springville, Utah. This astonishing $2 million dollar backyard escape is a true testament to relaxation with its 90 foot manmade mountain, perfectly constructed and surrounded by a massive 360,000 gallon pool.

This jaw-dropping mountain boasts of five cascading waterfalls, two bridges that wind to the top, and even a hidden waterslide that tunnels 60 feet through the mountain to the 60 foot wide pool below. Once you’ve had your fill of water play, check out the interior of this manmade marvel, which is honeycombed with stone tunnels and caves that were carved to look like natural rock. Its secret nooks and crannies will satisfy even the most curious of minds and even has a hidden grotto overlooking the outside area from behind the waterfalls.

Done exploring? Grab a bite in the full kitchen with stainless steel appliances and grill. It continues to impress with its additional changing room complete with a shower, lockers and bathroom. And if you’re lucky (and certified), check out the scuba diving experience this area can provide!

With an array of irresistible attractions, this manmade marvel gives a real taste of the Ultimate Backyard escape


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