The World’s longest bicycle rolls into Guinness Book of records


The World’s longest bicycle rolls into Guinness Book of records

Most people who see a double bike think that is a both peculiar as well as odd contraption. What is even more peculiar is the bike created in the prospect of entering the annual Guinness World Records by a Dutch cycling organization. The bike is so large that it could not possibly be used in a practical sense however, it is still something truly amazing to behold.

The Dutch cycling organization by the name of Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg decided to set their team up with a challenge by designing as well as manufacturing the world’s longest bicycle. This bicycle functions with the exception of not being able to turn street corners due to it’s size. Due to their efforts, the Mijl Mares Werkploeg have found a place within the annual Guinness World Records and will be featured within this year’s edition. The bicycle measures at an awesome 35.79 meters (117 feet and 5 inches). The bike functions just as a normal bike would without the use of highly advanced technology.

While normal bicycles hold one person, this particular bike needs two operators to steer it correctly as well as use the bike for transportation. One rider is needed in the front and one rider is needed in the back. The entire bike was designed with only two wheels positioned at the front and back of the bike. The Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg cycling organization did not include any gadgets or specialized tech to aid with the bikes functionality. No stabilizers where used in the making of the bicycle and the model consists of multiple aluminum trusses used generally for concert lighting rigs. These trusses are used to link both ends. This is to prevent the initial design from sagging and buckling from strain. The story behind the bike and the bike it’s self has inspired many cyclists to attempt to beat the world’s longest bicycle record for themselves.[mashvideo]

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