This Video will Remind you how to Live in the MOMENT


This AMAZING Video will Remind you how to Live in the MOMENT

Have you Forgotten how AWESOME you are? PEOPLE ARE AWESOME

In the day-to-day grind of working, paying the bills and keeping a roof over our heads, we sometimes forget what a phenomenal machine we inhabit. We forget to truly experience and appreciate each moment. We forget that people are awesome!Chris Samba’s breath-taking new video for 2015 shows the human machine at its best. The epic dribbling skills, captivating dances, adrenaline-pumping parkour and unbelievable feats of gymnastics remind us just what people are capable of.

The cleverly edited video is a thing of beauty in itself, flicking seamlessly between the clips and taking us through an amazing journey of human achievement. People who have trained their bodies to the very peak will leave you speechless and make you want to see more. To BE more.Alexander Supertramp’s legendary words from ‘Into the Wild’ remind us that life shouldn’t be about looking at watches and rushing around in suits.

Life should be about taking in each moment and sensation as it comes to us. Life should be about LIVING. There is a big huge world out there and you are human. You can do incredible things. Stop ‘just being alive’ and turn living into an art form. These are all real people, just like you. You too can be awesome!

Watch PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2015 and be inspired!


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